North East furniture manufacturer to show off products at distinguished London design festival

Distinguished North East furniture manufacturer Godfrey Syrett is to flaunt its range of office and commercial furniture at the prominent Clerkenwell Design Week.


Taking place this week from 24th May to 26th, the Killingworth and Durham-based firm will rub shoulders with other leading UK and global brands as one of the event s showroom partners.

Now in its seventh year, the celebration happens in the design hub of Clerkenwell, which declares to house more innovative businesses and architects per square than anywhere else on the planet, and has a complete program of display room events, exhibitions and setups.


David Hall, sales director at Godfrey Syrett, believes the furniture maker’s look at such a high profile occasion will be a terrific method to show off some of the area’s design pedigree.

He said: This is a fantastic chance to display our North East skill and gain recognition at what is a very highly related to occasion in the design world."


Established in 1947, the firm now utilizes 230 people across its base in Killingworth and logistics hub in Durham, and boasts its own UK-wide shipment fleet.


It has just recently introduced what David dubs its biggest design job to this day, a reconfigurable workspace seating principle called Zip, and the firm has actually also won exclusive rights to manufacture and sell the Mr. Jones soft seating variety which it will be showing off at Clerkenwell.

He included: "This is the very first time we have partnered up with the event and we are really excited to be displaying a few of our designer products at this vibrant festival.